Deep Mosturizing Treatment - Maintenance

Deep Mosturizing Treatment - Maintenance

Deep Mosturizing Treatment - Maintenance

REF: 8490

Content: - Keratin Balsam 125ml<br>- Post Shampoo 250ml<br>- Keratin Mask 250ml


Keratinliss pack 3 products:

- Balsam 125 ml.
- Post Shampoo 250 ml.
- Mask 250 ml.


When using the products in the Keratinliss range:

>>DEEP MOISTURISING TREATMENT: Not to straighten hair, but to try and prevent frizziness or to give hair volume and restore it.
>>MAINTENANCE TREATMENT: To keep the hair smooth once the smoothing treatment Keratinliss has been carried out.


1. Wash hair with POST SHAMPOO and rinse with plenty of warm water.
2. Gently towel dry the hair.
3. Divide the hair into sections and apply MASK all over.
4. Leave MASK for 20 minutes, while applying heat.
5. Remove MASK with plenty of water and gently towel dry the hair.
6. Apply BALSAM all over the hair (lock by lock) and remove any product excess with a comb.
7. Dry hair.

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