Rides Repair

Corrective cream for wrinkles

REF. 5647

Cream that provides hydration, nutrition, rejuvenation, regeneration and luminosity to the skin. It is a treatment indicated for all skin types, especially for suffocated, devitalized, dull skin, thick appearance and touch, marked wrinkles, etc.

Renew in depth, from the inside out, regenerating and oxygenating. Decrease the thickness of wrinkles and expression marks. Facilitate the disappearance of comedones. Increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

Way of use:
Apply a thin layer of cream morning and evening, in the morning the cream will be spread without massaging, allowing it to be reabsorbed so that the wrinkles are well filled. At night we will spread the cream but massaging it, making it penetrate until its entirety, the effect will be done during the night rest.