15 to 1

Multiaction Serum

REF. 6628

Multiaction serum, 15 benefi¬ts in only one product. For the correct application, shake before use and spray on the hair by fully pressing the valve. In fine or oily hair 1 or 2 pulses.

15 instant hair benefits in 1 single product:
1. Hydrates.
2. Conditions.
3. Improves manageability.
4. Protects the hair fiber.
5. Repair the tips.
6. Seals the cuticle.
7. Improves combability.
8. Provides natural shine to hair.
9. Protects against environmental damage.
10. Provides silkiness.
11. Unravel.
12. Anti frizz effect.
13. Eliminates static electricity in the hair.
14. Does not grease
15. Invigorating effect.

Way of use:

Spray 3 or 4 pumps on damp hair, do not rinse, untangle and proceed to dry and style.

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