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Trend in Neck and Décolletage

Trend in Neck and Décolletage Like every year, when spring arrives, the novelties in Spring/Summer fashion will emerge. Floral prints, bright colours, light fabrics… a whole combination of trends to look perfect. It is also the time, in which many women usually wear garments with a pronounced neckline, which expose the shoulders, arms and the…

Your hair after summer

How to recover your hair after the summer? September is one of the months where more resolutions are made. Just like in January, joining the gym, quitting smoking, or starting to take care of yourself are the most common resolutions. To these we should add a fine-tuning of our hair, especially after the summer. We…

Guide on the Neck & Décolletage

Guide on the Neck & Décolletage: The garments in our wardrobe are diverse, and many of them make us show off our arms and shoulders, but also our neckline. They are garments that make us shine, mainly on special occasions and events, but without forgetting to take care of our skin. In this article, we…