Your hair after summer

Your hair after summer

How to recover your hair after the summer? September is one of the months where more resolutions are made. Just like in January, joining the gym, quitting smoking, or starting to take care of yourself are the most common resolutions. To these we should add a fine-tuning of our hair, especially after the summer.

We already know that, during the summer season, our hair looks drier and frizzy due to this combination of water with chlorine or salt, exposure to the sun, sand, and the absence of specific care during the summer. If you haven’t followed Nirvel Professional’s Summer Hair Care Tips, it’s time to get that hair back:

  1. The first thing you should do is go to your trusted beauty centre or hairdresser to make a cut or cleaning. The ideal is to cut the damaged ends, but if your hair needs it, you should think about a good cut.
  2. Prepare your hair for the application of specific hair treatments. Nirvel Professional Peeling Shampoo is a shampoo indicated for the prior application of a treatment since it is formulated with a natural exfoliant. Its peeling effect leaves the scalp clean and hair soft and shiny.
  3. It is advisable to look for a hair regeneration and recovery program, such as Hair Complex Regenerator, formulated based on Hyaluronic Acid to recover damaged hair and regenerate the hair fibre.
  4. Use a moisturizing shampoo. Tsubaki Shampoo or Keratin Post Shampoo, both from Nirvel Professional, are highly moisturizing shampoos.
  5. Apply a hair mask, at least once a week. Hair masks will penetrate the shaft and restore lost moisture.
  6. Other advice: reduce the application of heat (dryers, irons…); use a gas-free, alcohol-free setting mousse, such as Nirvel Professional’s Curly Mousse; look for natural, organic, vegan formulas…

By following this series of tips, you will be able to recover your hair after the summer and show off a shiny mane again, and above all very healthy.