Interview with Javier Ventoso

Interview with Javier Ventoso

Interview with Javier Ventoso

Javier Ventoso is who he is as a professional today thanks to his early passion for styling and visagism. Passion to which he dedicates all his time, combining continuous training in the hairdressing sector with his own Beauty Salon: “Imatge Nova”.

Specialist in hairstyles and bridal updos, Stylist in events and fashion shows and creative Visagist in themed events and local parties. He also does editorials for different industry magazines and collaborates on fashion collections. In addition, Javier is a member of Club Fígaro where he annually presents his fashion and avant-garde collections for more than 8 years.

And as if all this were not enough, Javier combines his work in his salon as a Stylist Technician for Nirvel Professional, creating the brand’s biannual collections and participating in national and international hairdressing training.

In June 2022, Javier participated in the National Vanila Awards, where he presented three collections: “Chain” Men’s Collection; Women’s Collection “Olimpia”; and Vanguard Collection “Sacre Coeur”. It was the winner with its masculine proposal, it got a second place with the avant-garde collection and a third position with the feminine collection. A success in his career that boosts his recognition as a professional.

What inspires you to create a hairdressing collection?

I choose a topic that I like that I am passionate about or that I want to claim. When I come up with the idea, I launch myself into creating the looks that will be part of the theme and the collection. In addition, I look for the right models to inspire me to shape that image.

Are you inspired by the same elements for a men’s collection as for a woman?

Sometimes the inspiration or the concept is the same theme, but in other cases the concept goes different ways. In addition, I am passionate about art and everything that surrounds it, so it serves as an inspiration.

How much time do you spend designing and planning a collection?

I dedicate many months to it. In my free time I really like to think about ideas, look for references, create and create.

How do you see the future of hairdressing?

I see the future of hairdressing differently from years ago. I have lived in a hairdressing salon before, with which I have learned and gained experience. Now I am prepared and preparing myself for the hairdresser of the future. Training has always been one of my passions.

What have been the most decisive moments in your career?

Almost 20 years ago I decided to open my own salon, Imatge Nova. That was quite an adventure. Also, when I started working as a trainer for Nirvel Professional, which was a great opportunity in my career. With Nirvel Professional I have collaborated on many hairdressing collections as part of the creative team and as a trainer. But I also want to highlight when I started creating my own hairdressing collections, because they have been a personal and professional challenge.

What are your next goals? What challenges do you have for the future?

My main goal, above all, is to always go forward and improve myself every day, whether in my salon, as a trainer, or creating hairdressing collections.

What do you like most about your profession as a hairdresser?

I like everything about my profession. There is nothing that I do not like the truth. I really enjoy what I do at all times. Training, for example, I love being a trainer, but at the same time I like to train. It is a way to stay up to date. And designing collections…it drives me crazy and I love it.

What product or products are essential in your salon?

Although I work with all the novelties of Nirvel Professional, there are classics that are never missing in my salon. For example, Punk hairspray is a classic in my life, as is Triple Action. I have to say that all the colors in my collections are made with the ARTX coloration from Nirvel Professional, and with Nature and Nutre Color. In my “LINEN” collection I was already able to use the new ARTX shades.