Molding is back

Molding is back

Molding is back

There was a time when tight, springy ringlets were all the rage, especially in the ’80s and ’90s, and they were a contrast to needle-straight manes. As all fashions return, this could not be less and curly hair has returned to the streets and beauty centres.

Many famous women and celebrities wear scandalous curly hair, which has led to this fashion being transferred to the street. More and more women, and men, are learning to know what their hair is like. They accept it and know how to get the most out of it. But not only that, but they also enhance it and look for well-defined, shiny and well-groomed curls.

But how is that wave and that curl of 2022? The truth is that there is no concrete answer. Today, there is no established rule, since each hair is different, and each person has adapted beauty and hair care routines. In the hair cosmetics market, we can find different solutions to enhance curls, shape hair, create waves and show off well-groomed and healthy hair.

Nirvel Professional, always at the forefront of trends, has a wide range of products and treatments for curly hair. Natural Curls is the New Generation of Molded. A revolution in molding thanks to its two innovative products and the different application techniques. A new and unique formula of molded and permanent to create curly looks in all types of hair, from natural, dyed or bleached, to the most punished. Thanks to the harmonic combination of Natural Curls together with Curler curlers, two different techniques are created to achieve different results. The Samba Technique gives us a dance of harmonic and rhythmic curls, merging them in a fun and casual way. While the Salsa Technique will achieve more circular movements with different turns and heights of the curls in a subtle and sensual way.

Now that we already have a scandalous curly hair, how do we take care of it and maintain it? Very easy: with the Naturals Curly line, the line of products suitable for the Curly Method and that covers all the needs of curly hair. The line is made up of five products: from a Co-Cash to a Low Poo, through a Fixing Conditioner or a mask, without forgetting Curly Mousse. It is a fixing foam formulated without gas or alcohol that is a novelty.

Celebrate your curls!