ARTX – Blond U – Highliters

Colouring cream


BLOND U: The Special Colouring

Blond U reinvents blondes by taking the lightening power to a new dimension to achieve extraordinary cool and warm blondes that bring an identity and personality of their own.

Artx is the permanent colouring par excellence, formulated with Soytein technology and carefully selected oxidation dyes to achieve a supreme colour result and total coverage of grey hair. It contains ingredients of natural origin with more than 97.7% and a high antioxidant power and peptides and amino acids from hydrolysed carob and soya that increase the quality of the hair providing maximum elasticity, shine and long-lasting colour.


  • 1. 100% coverage.
  • 2. Vivid, intense and longer lasting colours.
  • 3. Antioxidant effect (protects against solar radiation).
  • 4. Restructures and improves the hair fibre (provides high quality hair).
  • 5. Creamy texture for easy application. Homogeneous distribution. Does not drip.
  • 6. Contains more than 97.7% ingredients of natural origin.
  • 7. Pleasant fragrance with fresh and fruity notes that best covers the smell of ammonia.
  • 8. Vegan Friendly.
  • 9. Silicone free.
  • 10. Dermatologically tested.

Achieve a supreme, high performance color result.

More intense, brighter and longer-lasting colors.

Way of use:

Super lightener: Mix the content of a tube with 40 Vº peroxide (1:2).

Matizador: Mix the content of a tube with 10 Vº peroxide (1:1,5).