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Argan mask + argan shampoo + argan fluid

REF. 6083

ARGAN SHAMPOO GEL: Argan oil has beneficial properties for both skin and hair. Argan Fluid gel shampoo is the fusion of both products. Provides shine and natural softness to hair. Regenerates, hydrates and fights aging and dryness of the skin.
ARGAN MASK: Creamy texture mask rich in Argan oil, which restructures and strengthens the hair, improving its texture, elasticity and natural shine.
ARGAN FLUID: Argan oil fluid that has a combination of oils that provides spectacular shine, silkiness and treatment.

- Fine hair, hydrated, with sealed ends and with a spectacular shine.

Way of use:
1. Apply Aragn shampoo gel on wet hair and emulsify. Leave on for a couple of minutes, while applying argan gel shampoo on the wet body and emulsifying. Rinse hair and body. 2. Towel dry hair and apply a generous amount of argan mask. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse with plenty of warm water. 3. Towel dry the hair and apply a few drops of argan fluid to the hair, insisting from the middle to the ends. Brush and dry regularly.