Longevity Cream

Regenerating stem cell cream

REF. 5283

Latest generation cream that acts on the environment of epidermal stem cells, improving their functionality. It provides the skin with a self-healing power that allows it to stay young for longer. SPF15 UVB / UVA MAIN ASSETS: Peptide Peptides are ingredients of great interest for cosmetics since, due to their low molecular weight, they are well assimilated through the skin. – Improves the functionality of stem cells – Maintains the population – Prevents premature aging Stabilized vitamin C – Increases collagen synthesis – Protective effect UVB / UVA rays – Antioxidant – Unifies the tone Yeast extract – Improves cell oxygenation – Cell renewal Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid – Hydrates

  • Significant improvement in skin relief after 15 days of application.
  • Positive results of 87% in the reduction of wrinkles.
  • 100% of the volunteers consider that the skin is more hydrated and less wrinkles after performing the Longevity program.
  • All the volunteers highlight the organoleptic qualities of Longevity products.

Way of use:

Apply daily morning and night, on face, neck and décolleté.

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