Naturals Body Feeling Sculpt Thermo Gel +GPS

Lipoesculptor Warm Effect Gel

REF. 4676

Liposculpting gel cream with heating effect and natural ingredients high in antioxidants. It contains an active ingredient that stimulates the heat receptors in the skin which, together with its Indian pennywort, Ginkgo and Ivy content, reduces cellulite fat nodules while draining and visibly improving the appearance of the skin. Its formula based on chronobiology activates lipolysis and creates a 24-hour day and night effect.

Formulated with 95% Ingredients of Natural Origin

Visibly improved skin without cellulite.

Way of use:

Apply to cleansed skin to be treated, massaging in, focusing on the areas where fat is most accumulated.

It can be used in combination with all NATURALS BODY FEELING products.


Do not apply to areas with varicose veins.

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