Nirvel Protective Screen

Protective screen

REF. K00766

Protective screen that offers complete facial protection (mouth, nose and eyes). It has an excellent peripheral field of view. It is light and comfortable. Easy to assemble and clean. Reusable and resistant.

Protects mouth, nose and eyes completely from splashes of body fluids.

Mounting the screen:

1. Mounting the transparent screen.

Set the button in position and press to insert the button spike into its hole.

2. Bumpers for the protective screen.

Fold the two flaps of the clamp forward forming a "U". They must be folded to the opposite side of the black rubber.

3. Button closure.

For greater security and fixing of the protective screen, you can place the two locking pieces that you will find loose by pressing hard on the spikes of the two buttons.

NOTE: If you find it difficult to assemble the buttons, you can help yourself by pressing them on a flat and rigid surface, or using a small hammer or pliers to press harder.

4. Protector ready to protect you.

Adjust the protector to fit your head using the different clamp grooves and hook flaps.