Nutre Color Fluor Turquoise

Direct coloring

REF. 6706

Nutre Color is a hair mask that provides direct coloring to the hair as well as nutrition and shine.
Intense and bright colors, thanks to a careful selection of color pigments and active ingredients that keep hair hydrated and healthy. Ideal to maintain the color between colorations or to achieve fantasy tones.

The result of the color will be determined both by the natural color on which it is applied, as well as by the state of the same and the selected tonality.

1.Natural hair: Light absorption of color = soft tones: it disappears progressively with washing.

2.Dyed and porous hair: Medium absorption of color = medium intensity

3.Bleached hair / Very porous highlights: Total absorption of color = intense tones.

Way of use:

To refresh colorings or add a light tone: Apply to damp hair and leave an exposure time of 5 to 10 minutes.

To create fantasies or intense shades: Apply to dry hair and extend the exposure time to 20 minutes.

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