Nutre Color Out Remover

Direct colouring remover

REF. 7571

Specific bleacher – eliminates unwanted tones from Nutre Color’s direct colouring when used in conjunction with Nutre Color Out Activator.

The treatment application requires the use of both products (Nutre Color Out Remover 7571 and Nutre Color Out Activator 7569)

100% color removal

Way of use:

1.Pre-wash with Alkaline pH Shampoo to open the cuticle and facilitate the extraction of the dyes.

2.Dry hair at 100% (if hair fibre is in good condition) or at 70% humidity (if hair fibre is damaged).

3.Distribute hair in sections for easier application.

4.Mix Nutre Color Out Remover (30g) with Nutre Color Out Activator (60ml) at a ratio of 1:2.

5.Apply on glass paper in the areas where the colour needs to be removed.

6.The exposure time will be between 5 and 30 minutes, depending on colour shade and saturation. Monitor the evolution of the colour carry-over at all times.

7.Once the unwanted colour has been removed, wash the hair. To regenerate and protect the hair's structural bridges, we recommend using the Hair Complex Regenerator programme.


Always wear gloves when applying product. Avoid the use of metallic materials.Nutre Color Out Remover modifies the natural base of the hair. The removal capacity of the dyes will depend on the hair colour/saturation and porosity. Do not apply moisturising products before applying Nutre Color Out Remover. If further colour removal is required, refresh with a second application without rinsing the hair and apply the heat of the heat styler to further remove colourants.

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