Urban Beauty – Zen Protector Night Serum

Night serum

REF. 4586

Night serum that helps balance the impact emotions may have on the skin. Thanks to its richness in curcumin, it fights wrinkles derived from stress and relaxes the face. It also protects against pollution and has strong detoxification properties.Triple protection against pollution Atmospheric/Domestic/UVProtective film for the face that prevents incrustation of pollutants and heavy metals and protects it from oxidative stress.PM 2.5 Antipollution Filter: creates a protective barrier on the skin against PM 2.5 particles

Clean skin and protected from atmospheric, domestic and UV pollution. Antistress + Epigenetics ACTIVE PRINCIPLES ACTIVE MINDFULNESS Long curcuma lysate. Its interest lies in the richness of curcumin combined with metabolome (rich in cellular factors designed to combat stress). It is a modulator of the emotional connection between body and mind, therefore, it fights wrinkles derived from stress and relaxes the face. PROTECTIVE ASSETS EPIGENETICS Minimizes the way in which pollutants alter the cellular environment, preventing the environment from accelerating skin aging. Protects against DNA methylation, a powerful antioxidant and precursor of antioxidants, and inhibits cellular stress. Powerful detoxification capacity.

Way of use:

After cleaning the skin with CITY DEFENSE MIST, spread the product on the face, neck and décolleté.
Night use