Bleaching Booster Cream

REF. 6066

Decoblanc is a discoloration toning cream that, added to discoloration, removes the orange and yellowish tones of the wick in a single application.

Get a natural and nuanced result. It catalyzes discoloration by reducing the exposure time, so the process is less aggressive for the hair.

Way of use:

Mix in a non-metallic bowl, ArtX Blue bleaching powder + Cream oxidant + Decoblanc according to the following proportions table:

- Blond Hair: 30 g. ArtX Blue + 60 g. Cream oxidant + 5-8 g. Decoblanc
- Brown Hair: 30 g. ArtX Blue + 60 g. Cream oxidant + 8-12 g. Decoblanc

Stir the mixture until obtaining a uniform creamy texture. Apply generously to dry hair for 25-45 minutes. Carry out periodic checks of the hair during the exposure time. Do not use on previously bleached hair. Once the desired degree of discoloration has been obtained, remove by rinsing with plenty of water and wash with shampoo.