Dry Shampoo

Clean and Fresh Hair

REF. 6595

Nirvel Professional Dry Shampoo instantly cleanses hair without using water. Absorbs fat and cleanses the hair and scalp of residue and impurities. NIRVEL DRY SHAMPOO has a low V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds), -55%, causing long-term and continued use of eye irritation, headache, respiratory distress, etc.

Leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness and perfume without leaving a dusty residue. The hair is clean, with volume and light.

SHAKE ENERGICALLY UNTIL YOU HEAR THE METALLIC BALL BEFORE USE. Spray at 20 cm, massage and wait 2 minutes. Brush or fan with the dryer. USES OF DRY SHAMPOO: Keep hair clean for longer. People with fat problems, to prolong the duration between washes. As a fashion trend. It becomes an essential product, giving more body and texture to the hair, facilitating the assembly of the updo.