Miracle Touch

Instant tensor and reducing effect

REF. 4578

Gel that provides a firming effect and immediately reduces the eye bags and expression wrinkles.

Instant lifting of bags, dark circles and wrinkles in 2 minutes!

Way of use:

  • Apply Eye Balsam all over the upper and lower eyelid one hour before using Miracle Touch and wait for the skin to dry.
  • Apply a small amount of Miracle Touch to hydrated and dry skin, lightly tapping the area to be treated without rubbing. A very thin layer should form. Leave the product moist on the skin until it is completely absorbed, avoiding gesturing for 2-3 minutes while the product dries. In this way, better results will be obtained. If a whitish layer remains when drying, it is indicative that we have exceeded the amount of product.
  • Use a damp cotton and without pressing, remove the excess.

It is advisable to apply Miracle Touch before makeup, although it can also be applied on it. Whether applied before or after, it is important not to rub, as the area will be stained. For people with dark skin, a thinner layer of Miracle Touch is recommended and attenuate the product with your fingertips before applying it. Miracle Touch can be used several times a day. When the product dries, it stays on the skin for hours, but if it is exposed to water, excess sweat or swimming, the effect disappears.

To completely and easily remove Miracle Touch it is necessary to use a cotton impregnated with the Bi-Pahse Makeup Remover, especially indicated for the eye contour.

Miracle Touch is indicated for all people who have an eye contour problem, be it bags, dark circles or wrinkles. It can be used on sensitive skin. Avoid contact with the tear. In case of irritation, redness, stop using the product and wash with plenty of water.

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