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This facial pack contains the essentials for your face: Biomimetic Plasma, Eye Balsam & Miracle Touch by LeviSsime.

Biomimetic Plasma by LeviSsime: With a highly innovative and revolutionary formulation in the field of anti-aging cosmetics. Thanks to biotechnology, plants are now able to produce the proteins that our skin produces naturally for regeneration. Besides being formulated with a triple combination of assets based on plant biotechnology, EGF, TGF2 and HGH, it has special organoleptic properties. Easy extensibility, non-greasy finish and velvety touch. Biomimetic Plasma by LeviSsime forms a smooth film on the skin that favors the penetration of the assets to achieve greater efficiency. Use only at night.

Eye Balsam by LeviSsime, Anti-aging eye contour: Anti-aging balm for the eye contour. Combat the signs of aging: wrinkles, expression lines, bags, dark circles. With draining action caffeine and matrikinas that help reinforce firmness and tone. Its special ceramic applicator provides a feeling of freshness. Its ceramic applicator is specially designed to perform a gentle massage. It enhances the effects of the balm and provides a sensation of intense freshness. The advantage over the metallic applicator is that it maintains freshness during the application on both eyes and does not heat up.

Miracle Touch: Tensor effect gel and instant reducer of eye bags, dark circles and expression wrinkles.

Activates cell renewal, THE RESULT IS A YOUNGER, VITAL, ELASTIC, FIRM AND BRIGHT SKIN. EYE BALSAM, ANTI-AGING EYE CONTOUR The result is a younger and brighter look • Fights the signs of aging • 13% increase in hydration • Reduction of dark circles • Lightens eyes • Tones the eye contour • Decreases expression wrinkles MIRACLE TOUCHInstant Lifting of Bags, Ears and Wrinkles in 2 minutes!

Way of use:

After cleaning the skin with DELICATE CLEANSER, apply BIOMIMETIC PLASMA all over the face, neck and décolleté. Use only at night. EXTEND BUT DO NOT MASSAGE. In the morning, clean the face with DELICATE CLEANSER and apply moisturizing cream. EYE BALSAM, ANTI-AGING EYE CONTOUR With the tube horizontally upwards, press until obtaining a tear of product. Apply all over the upper eyelid and around the eye. MIRACLE TOUCHApply Eye Balsam all over the upper and lower eyelid one hour before using Miracle Touch and wait for the skin to dry.Apply a small amount of Miracle Touch on the hydrated and dry skin, making light taps on the area to be treated ( do not rub). A very thin layer should be formed. Leave the moist product on the skin until it is completely absorbed, avoiding gesturing for 2-3 minutes while the product dries. In this way, better results will be obtained. If a whitish layer remains when drying, it is indicative that we have exceeded the amount of product. Use a damp cotton and without pressing, remove the excess. It is advisable to apply Miracle Touch before makeup, although it can also be applied on it. Whether it is applied before or after, it is important not to rub, as the area will be stained.For people with dark skin, a thinner layer of Miracle Touch is recommended and attenuate the product with the fingertips before applying it. can be used several times a day.When the product dries, it stays on the skin for hours, but if it is exposed to water, excess sweat, swimming, the effect disappears.To completely and easily remove Miracle Touch, it is necessary to use a cotton impregnated with the Biphase Make-up Remover, especially indicated for the eye contour. Miracle Touch is indicated for all people who have a problem in the eye contour, be it bags, dark circles or wrinkles. It can be used on sensitive skin. Avoid contact with the tear. In case of irritation, redness, stop using the product and wash with plenty of water.

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