Poster Marquee Levissime

Marquee with interchangeable design

REF. K00776

Metal marquee to place up to two posters, one for each side.

It has a simple interchangeable design to be able to replace posters with ease.

It also includes an anchoring system to be able to hang it on the wall or suspended from the ceiling.

Includes two posters:

  • K00777 – Vita C Splendor Poster
  • K00778 – Tensor Q10 Collagen Poster

The package includes hooks, plugs, fixed key, allen key, trims and assembly instructions to place it both in the floor and hanging position.

Perfect for placing posters of our new releases both on the floor and on the wall. The posters can be exchanged to place our new releases.

Thanks to its versatility it can be placed either standing (with the metal base that it includes), or hanging (includes spikes, plugs, fixed key, Allen key, trims and assembly instructions to place it hanging).