Hydration Gel Global Natural

Exfoliant & Hydrating Facial Gel

REF. 4623

Natural exfoliating and moisturising facial gel.

It features a dual action that makes it easier to clean the pore and performs a deep cleansing, while calming and smoothing the skin.

Replaces the use of steam.


1 – Double action gel:Exfoliating and moisturising.

2 – Facilitates pore unclogging.

3 – Deeply cleanses, soothes and softens the skin.

4 – Replaces the use of steam.

Product formulated with 93% natural ingredients according to ISO 16128 Standard.

Skin without pores, cleaner.

Way of use:
- Apply a thin layer of the product with a fan brush on cleansed skin.
- Cover the area to be treated with transparent film to enhance the effect.
- Exposure time 10 minutes.
- Remove excess gel with a spatula and clean with lukewarm water.
- Extract the comedones.

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