Peeling Papain

Soft peeling

REF. 5419

Enzymatic exfoliant with papaine (cleansing enzyme) that cleans from inward outward, simultaneously eliminating dead cells from the epidermis.

The Papaya Extract stimulates microcirculation, activates cellular regeneration, acting as a moisturiser and humectant formula the treated skin areas. Recommendable for all skin types, including delicate and sensitive skins.

It is recommendable for the entire body, used in treating the breasts, given that this is a delicate area.

Skin is renewed and the face gains luminosity.

Leaves a pleasant sensation of softness and elasticity.

The skin is renewed and the face recovers luminosity.

It can be used both dry and wet (recommended for dry and sensitive skin and the breast area).

Spread the Papain Peeling on the face and neck, leave to act for a few minutes and start flaking with the fingertips, with up and down movements.

Tone to finish.

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