Silver – 10-16 – Light Platinum

Cream toner for very white hair

REF. 1849

Silver – 10-16 – Light Platinum: The Light Platinum tone is a slightly bluish shade, perfect for 100% completely white hair or hair with a very high percentage of grey hair (+90%) and where one is looking to achieve an optical white.

White hair tinged with platinum shades obtaining an optical white with a lot of luminosity and improving the quality of the hair.

The Light Platinum shade is ideal for very high percentages of grey hair or even total grey, between 80% and 100% as in the image, where one is looking for an optical white with a lot of luminosity in the hair. It is also recommended in cases where these hairs are combined with light bleached highlights to unify and lighten the shade.
*When in doubt always select the lighter shade and Express* service

With all the shades in the SILVER colouring line, we can achieve different results depending on the formula and application method we select:

When more intense colouring is required, apply onto clean, dry hair in a 1:1 ratio, i.e. the same amount of Tint Cream as 6-volume Activator. The exposure time will be 30 minutes.

On the other hand, if we are looking for an express service with less intensity of the selected shade, apply to clean, damp hair. This time the formula we will use will be 1:1:1, i.e. the same amount of Tint Cream as 6-volume Activator and this time we will also use the same amount of Clear Conditioner. The exposure time will be 15 minutes.

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