Silver Mask

Neutralising hair mask for greying hair

REF. 7578

Silver Mask is a mask for grey hair with a high antioxidant power which, thanks to the plant compound of lavender, rosemary and violet flowers, neutralises and corrects the yellowish tones of grey hair. It also creates a moisturising barrier that reduces frizz while increasing the hair’s resistance to breakage.

Unwanted yellow tones disappear and hair is tinged and unified with frequent use of Silver Mask.

Silver Mask is perfect for grey hair that needs extra antioxidant ingredients. It is a perfect mask to counteract all unwanted yellowish tones of grey hair. It is also the perfect mask for the Home Maintenance treatment of grey hair that has been treated with the Silver Cream toner.

It is advisable to apply Silver Mask by spreading it from the middle to the ends, massaging gently and leaving it to work for 5 to 10 minutes for perfect penetration by the active ingredients. After the exposure time, rinse with plenty of water.

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