Urban Beauty – City Purifying Oxygen Mask

Purifying face mask

REF. 4587

Purifying face mask for dull skin. It has an oxygenating, deep purifying, and detoxifying action. Combines active ingredients with triple protection against pollution.Triple protection against pollution Atmospheric/Domestic/UVProtective film for the face that prevents incrustation of pollutants and heavy metals and protects it from oxidative stress.PM 2.5 Antipollution Filter: creates a protective barrier on the skin against PM 2.5 particles

Oxygenating and purifying effect. Deep cleansing of the skin + barrier effect against contamination.

Way of use:

After cleaning the skin with CITY DEFENSE MIST, spread over the face, neck and décolleté. Leave to act 15 min. and remove with water. Tone with CITY DEFENSE MIST and apply the ZEN PROTECTOR NIGHT SERUM on the face, neck and décolleté. Use at night, once a week.