Vita C Splendor Serum Complex

Vitamin C Serum

REF. 4750

Vita C Splendor Serum Complex

Concentrated serum rich in ferulic acid and a vitamin complex composed of vitamin C and niacinamide. With its high concentration of active ingredients, it is excellent for preventing cellular ageing due to its antioxidant action, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen and recovering light by unifying the skin tone of the face.

Antioxidant Effect Plus:
– Vitamins C and E
– Ferulic Acid
– Niacinamide

– Prevents cellular ageing and strengthens antioxidant capacity.
– Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and maintains skin firmness and elasticity by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis.
– Depigmentation and illumination effects.
– Strengthens the barrier function to keep skin in perfect condition.

Unified skin tone.

Lightened skin.

Its antioxidant action prevents cellular ageing.

Way of use:

Morning and evening: apply 3-4 drops to clean, dry skin on the face, neck and décolleté. Then, apply Vita C Splendor Cream.

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