Sustainability: a Nirvel Cosmetics Value

La sostenibilidad: un Valor de Nirvel Cosmetics

Nirvel Cosmetics, committed to and respectful of the environment and society, has implemented various actions in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility related to these dimensions.

The environmental dimension, which consists of the development of actions in harmony between ecosystems and man in the same territory, is important when it comes to meeting the objectives set by the company. In two years, Nirvel Cosmetics has managed to reduce virgin plastic from 20 tons to just 5, which represents 15 tons of reused plastic. Our well-known apricot bottles, present in a high percentage of our products, are made with 75% recycled material.

The entire Naturals line, present in both Nirvel Professional and LeviSsime, has established itself as the most sustainable line since, with its recycled and recyclable packaging, it has helped to recover more than 169,000 plastic bags from the bottom of oceans, coasts and riverbanks, collaborating with Ocean Waste Plastic by Pack Tech. This means that nearly 300,000 containers have been manufactured with plastic materials recovered from the seas and oceans.

To complete these actions and under the “I’m Green”TM concept, more than 300,000 tubes of our products are made with sustainable materials, such as sugar cane. This represents a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions, thus reducing the impact on climate change. “I’m Green”TM is the brand used to identify products made from renewable sources.

Proof of this are the ISO certifications that Nirvel Cosmetics has: The ISO 9001:2015 standard (international standard of a certifiable nature that regulates Quality Management Systems); The ISO 14001:2015 standard (Environmental management systems); and the SO 22716:2008 standard, relating to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for Cosmetic Products.