The importance of Sun Protection

La Importancia de la Protección Solar

In spring, the sun’s rays fall directly on the equator, which means that the days are longer, and the temperature rises. For its part, in summer, the northern hemisphere tilts towards the sun, so the days are longer than the nights and temperatures rise again.

This means that our skin is exposed to solar radiation in a more incisive way than in other seasons, although we must not forget that our skin must be protected from the sun 365 days a year.

The skin of the face is the one that is most exposed, and therefore, it can be more damaged by excess and exposure to the sun. Stains, dehydration and redness can appear on the skin, so it is essential to create a routine of care and protection against solar aggressions. Sun protection is recommended as an essential and daily habit, and LeviSsime has a wide range of products with SPF protections adaptable to each skin type and each need. For example, Advanced Ultra Protector Daily Cream SPF50+, for daily use, for face, neck and décolleté, and with high protection thanks to its SPF50+ and light texture; Or BB+Cream, a balm that provides a touch of instant perfection and color to the face, in addition to increasing skin hydration by 21% and protecting it from the sun’s rays thanks to its SPF15.

Just as we know that we must protect our skin from the sun’s rays, we must also protect the fine skin of the lips. LeviSsime has designed Vita C Splendor Lip Up! a lip balm whose function, in addition to moisturizing, is to protect the lips from UVA radiation from the sun thanks to its SPF15 protection factor.

And we must not forget the scalp, which is the skin that covers the head that is 0.2mm thick at the top, and around 0.4mm at the nape area. It is a special skin, and with significant differences with respect to the rest of the skin of the human body: it is less thick and with little pigmentation. The superficial area of ​​the scalp is poor in pigment, but well protected by the presence of hair. But what happens when there are no such hairs?

What happens is that the scalp is totally unprotected against external aggressions such as solar radiation or pollution. This is due to the lack of melanin, which is why the scalp suffers from dehydration, the appearance of spots and wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Total Look Booster SPF50+ by Nirvel MEN, is a serum that protects the scalp from UVA and UVB solar radiation and external factors and prevents peeling, providing hydration