NATURE: The Ammonia-Free Colouring

NATURE: La Coloración Sin Amoniaco

NATURE by Nirvel Professional is an Ammonia-Free and 100% Vegan Friendly dye, which is formulated with a high-performance base that allows oxidation colorants to have greater coverage power since it adheres better to the cuticle.

Depending on the shade and the selected oxidant, the application technique, whether wet or dry, in addition to the exposure time, we can obtain different types of coloration:

Permanent Colouring: It can cross the cuticle and the pigments act by depositing themselves in the intermediate layer or cortex, allowing the coloration to be more durable. To achieve a permanent coloration, it is recommended to work with oxidants of 20V or more, to favour the opening of the cuticle.

Semi-permanent or Demi-permanent colouring: It acts more superficially on the cuticle, thus achieving darkening or lightening, refreshing lost tones or making nuances. This type of coloring is done with a 6V or 10V oxidant, since they have less power to open the cuticle, so the durability is less or it is progressively eliminated.

Nirvel Professional’s NATURE colour is made up of: Monoethanolamine, which acts as a substitute for ammonia, and which provides a lower pH but sufficient to open the cuticle and facilitate the penetration and adherence of the colour to the hair; Phytoscreen is a multi-ethnic phytoactive complex of natural origin (Yarrow, Tabaco del Hindio, Palopichi and Marcela enriched with Arginine PCA) that creates a dual photoprotective barrier and acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting and keeping the colour alive; And Boswellia Serrata, which is a natural active ingredient used in India to treat inflammatory processes and applied to colour, has a high soothing and protective power for the scalp.