Tips to take care of your hair in summer. Part 1.

Consejos para cuidar el cabello en verano

Our hair, like the rest of the organs of our body, needs specific and personalized attention depending on the time of year in which we find ourselves. Hair does not need the same care in winter as in summer, and for this reason, and before summer arrives, Nirvel Professional offers a series of tips and aspects that you should consider.

Nutrition and Hydration. These are concepts that can be confused, so it is important to know the differences to find the best products for each need. To moisturize is to provide water to the hair to dehydrated hair. Dehydration can be due to low porosity, excessive use of chemicals, or aggressive use of heat mechanisms. For its part, nutrition is providing nutrients to the hair. That is, “give it what it needs”, which can range from a lack of volume or movement to little brightness.

In spring, and especially in summer, there are factors that affect the hair to dehydrate and have to be nourished at the same time. What is this about? Mainly due to external aggressions, such as the weather and sun exposure, but also due to contact with salt water from the sea or chlorinated water from swimming pools.

At Nirvel Professional we propose different programs and products to cover the nutrition and hydration needs of the hair. Multieffect is a conditioner that repairs and moisturizes the hair and protects it against breakage due to styling. It is ideal for summer because it has a double function: Leave-in conditioner after washing, to add body and facilitate combing; or as an ultra-nourishing rinse-off mask that is removed after washing with plenty of water. If what you need is extra hydration and therefore a complete program, the Tsubaki Program is perfect for providing spectacular benefits in the repair and recovery of dry and dehydrated hair.

If what you are looking for, in addition to taking care of your hair, is to show off your hair and hair, the first thing you should avoid are irons and dryers, since they dry out your hair and therefore it dehydrates and is more prone to breakage. Thanks to the Agua Marina modeling water, formulated with sea foam extract, you will achieve a wet effect and hair with body and texture. After spraying, you will obtain a fixing and flexible film that will eliminate frizz and make combing easier. If your hair is wavy or curly, then you will need other specific products to care for and define the curls, such as Curly Mousse, the new foam without gas or alcohol that provides definition, softness and volume to your curls; o Naturals Conditioner, the sustainable leave-in conditioner from the Naturals line, formulated with 97.9% natural ingredients, ideal for moisturizing and light hair.