Take care of your skin in summer

Take care of your skin in summer

Take care of your skin in summer.

Summer is here: the preferred season par excellence. The days are longer, we swim in the sea or in the pool, we enjoy the nights… and when we are on vacation, we rest. It is important to take care of ourselves both inside and out, so we must not forget to take care of our skin in summer.

In the summer, just by going down the street and walking, our skin dries out more. The skin is more exposed to solar radiation, we sweat more, and the hair rubs against our skin. In addition, the chlorine in swimming pools and the saltpetre in the sea affect our skin as well. The result of this combination is less healthy skin, drier and lacking in nutrients.

LeviSsime recommends following a series of essential steps to take care of the skin in summer, where the following stand out: hydration, vitamins, and protection. The first step in the routine is cleaning. We can use micellar waters, cleansing milks, foams… if they adapt to our skin and meet our needs. Next, we will apply our moisturizing treatment cream. If our moisturizing cream contains vitamins, much better. Spoiler alert: Vita C Splendor Cream is formulated with stabilized vitamin C. We will finish our morning ritual with sun protection, such as Advance Ultra Protector Daily Cream SPF50+, with high protection. If exposure to the sun is continued, it is advisable to reapply the sun protection cream.

When night comes, the routine continues to start over with cleaning. We must bear in mind that throughout the day we have applied various products to our skin, we have bathed, and on several occasions, we have reapplied sun protection cream. The result is a face with cosmetic residues, sweat and external agents. For this reason, it is vital to cleanse the skin before going to bed and remove waste. After cleaning, we can apply a treatment serum or a vial. Treatment serums, like moisturizing creams, cover the needs of the skin and it is advisable to apply them at night. For their part, the vials, thanks to their active concentrate, provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins and it is advisable to apply a vial at least once or twice a week.

Taking care of our skin in summer is easy if the main recommendations are followed, and our skin will appreciate it.