Quality and Environment Policy


Quality and Environment Policy


The promotion and dissemination at all levels within the company of a Comprehensive Quality and Environmental Policy to achieve our main objective: “To guarantee QUALITY, DESIGN and SERVICE to our clients, keeping a sound BALANCE between DEVELOPMENT and NATURE.”

The GRUPO NIRVEL Management, chaired by the Managing Partner (MP), dedicated to the “Design, manufacture, packaging and marketing of hairdressing and cosmetics productshas decided to promote and disseminate a Comprehensive Quality and Environmental Policy across all levels of the company to guide the fulfilment of our main objective:

“To guarantee QUALITY, DESIGN and SERVICE to our clients, keeping a sound BALANCE between DEVELOPMENT and NATURE”

Our Policy includes the following guidelines:

  • Comply with the requirements demanded by the clients as well as the applicable legal and/or regulatory requirements.
  • Offer the client a highly specialised support, adapted to the technological advance of our products.
  • Develop the activities within a fully respectful environment, under the pollution prevention principle.
  • Maintain the Comprehensive Management System seeking continuous improvement as the backbone of our activities.

In order to achieve these guidelines, GRUPO NIRVEL is committed to:

  • Undertake the commitment to maintain a quality and environmental policy as a reference framework for setting quality and environmental objectives.
  • Undertake the commitment to comply with the Quality and Environment Policy and lead the development, implementation and improvement of the Management System.
  • Undertake the commitment to revise this policy and adapt it to the new requirements, as well as to make it available to any company, organisation, or interested party that requests it.
  • Undertake the commitment to assign the technical and human resources necessary to promote communications with our clients and market, in order to learn about their needs and be able to adapt to them.
  • Undertake the commitment to develop high-end products (high quality/minimal impact)
  • Undertake the commitment to establish the necessary measures to achieve the satisfaction of our staff and maintain a healthy working environment. At GRUPO NIRVEL, we are committed to fostering the participation and training of personnel.
  • Undertake the commitment to manage the vital resources efficiently and rigorously: Water; Energy; allocating the necessary and viable means.
  • Undertake the commitment to develop our activities minimising waste, spillage, and emissions.
  • Maintain strict control over the most significant environmental aspects in order to minimise any type of impact.


The GRUPO NIRVEL Management signs this policy and undertakes the commitment to maintain and extend to the general public the content of this policy.